About CST

Let Your Quality Branding Business Core Success Be Ours!


Here at TheECheck.com, our mission is to provide a centralized solution that accurately tracks, reports and optimizes advertisements in real time for every media channel available: direct mail, telemarketing, email campaigns, affiliate programs, mobile marketing, and physical in-person marketing promotions.


TheECheck.com encompasses all industries, from retail to manufacturing, healthcare, finance, entertainment and is compatible with each division of the marketing and sales process, including merchants, agencies, affiliate networks, and publishers.


There are several key factors that are the core of any successful business. Among these core factors are sales, customer retention, marketing, management and branding. Tracking the success of each, testing new strategies, and synchronizing this data into comprehensible real time reports and immediately acting on them are the keys to opening new opportunities and increasing profits.


Our Complete Sales Technology / CST, is a customizable solution that can be tailored to meet your needs. At the center of our solution is our advanced software technology that has been strategically mapped out to function at a superior level while maintaining an ease of use that increases productivity and efficiency.


Our Complete Sales Technology / CST, operates with enhanced hardware, preventative security, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and fraud prevention. This security solution is supported around the clock 24/7 by our valuable team at TheECheck.com. Our vast range of expertise and thorough understanding of the industry, play an integral role in the development of our Complete Sales Technology / CST Software, adding value to your business, and ensuring that you are fully trained and confident with our system.


TheECheck.com personally has the experience with product management fulfillment processes. The fulfillment process is what actions are taken in a company when an order for a product is received in the “fulfillment” of the order. These actions include warehousing, finding the item ordered, packaging it, and shipping it to the right address, direct mail, call centers and interactive marketing.


With our Complete Sales Technology /CST, we have over 50 years of merchant services, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), software development, and venture capitalism backing our formidable brand. The importance of being able to act and track all of your marketing sales campaigns in real time is invaluable. TheECheck.com gives you the committed expertise along with the most current, relevant and cutting edge tools as evidenced in Complete Sales Technology / CST to manage your quality business success.