PrePaid Debit Cards

The Step-by-Step Process of PrePaid Debit Card Processing Explained

The customer logs into their eWallet account to loads funds to their Prepaid Debit Card (Visa/MasterCard) using their Credit/Debit Card.

TheECheck’s bank sends the secure transaction information request to the Credit/Debit Card Company for authorization.

The Credit/Debit Card Company either approves or declines the request.

The Credit/Debit Card Company facilitates settlement and debits the customer’s account, loading the funds to the Prepaid Debit Card.

The customer is now able to use their prefunded Prepaid Debit Card to make a purchase on the Merchant’s website.

The Prepaid Debit Card information is sent to TheECheck’s bank for authorization and settlement.

The Prepaid Debit Card Company expedites settlement and debits the customers Prepaid Card.

TheECheck then informs the merchant of the approval so the transaction is completed accordingly.

After payment is received TheECheck begins an independent transaction to deposit the funds into the merchant’s bank account.