Merchant Benefits

Complimentary Services / Premium Payment Processing / Sophisticated Fraud Controls

TheECheck’s premium High Risk and Low Risk Accounts deliver unrivalled payment services to merchants worldwide. With payment security, relationship management and product diversification our core priorities, TheECheck successfully services and benefits merchants around the world, from a variety of industries and sizes.

Our Features Your Benefits
48 Hour Set-Up Once All Documentation Has Been Submitted
High-Risk Welcome Regardless Of Industry, Volumes Or Location
Advanced Security To Reduce Chargebacks And Fraudulent Transactions
Tailored Accounts To Provide Customized Services That Suit Your Business
Payment Flexibility To bring you multiple payment products and payment options (Credit Card/ACH/Check21/eCheck)
Customer Support To Assist Your Customers With All Transaction Inquiries
Multiple Banks To Provide Contingency Processing Safeguards
We have a number of safeguards to protect our company from the risks we face as a business. Given the significant amount of data that we manage, much of which is real-time data to support our clients’ commerce initiatives, we have established redundant capabilities for our data centers. We operate multiple data processing centers. In the event of a disaster we can restore our data centers’ systems at a third party-provided disaster recovery center for the majority of our clients’ data, and recover internally for the remaining critical systems. Our approach to disaster recovery is consistent with best practices in our industry and our clients’ needs.
Statistic Reporting Enable You To Effectively Manage Your Ecommerce Growth
Electronic commerce, commonly known as ecommerce, is a type of industry where buying and selling of product or service is conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.
Multiple Accounts Including Offshore, Onshore And International Accounts
Offshore Merchant: Offshore means that the bank that processes your customer’s credit cards/eChecks is located in a different country than your business. Onshore means that the bank that processes your customer’s credit cards/eChecks is located in the same country that your business is located.
Worldwide Acceptance For Both Low And High Risk Merchants
Of low and high risk merchants this acceptance is contingent on verification processes and governances/laws respective to geographical location. High Risk Merchants are a specific classification of merchants with a higher risk of customer sales disputes, higher risk of returns and a higher risk of chargebacks. Any online business is considered high risk because the credit card is not present for verification. Low Risk Merchants are less-risky and easier to place due to the lower risk of chargebacks and returns.
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