eCheck processing is a flexible alternative to accepting check payments.
theecheck-echeck-processing eCheck Processing Services

eCheck processing is a flexible alternative to accepting check payments. TheECheck electronic check drafting method gives you the flexibility to accept payments securely and economically by phone, fax, mail or internet with greater speed of payment than traditional check methods. The payment will be electronically debited from your customer’s checking account.

Regardless of how your customers send their orders, you can accept online Virtual Checks through Virtual Terminal or integrate our system into a shopping cart via API.

For businesses with high-volume processing, TheECheck check processing lets you bundle all of your transactions into a single batch file for secure transmission.

Benefits of Check Processing

  • Accept checks with maximum convenience and speed
  • Refund payments at your discretion
  • Eliminate the time and labor expenses of making trips to the bank
  • Simple API integration
  • Enjoy more control over the process and protect your earnings

More Control Over Your Money

TheECheck electronic check processing provides the opportunity to address issues with your customers such as refund requests and callbacks, in turn, improving your customer service.

Increase your customer base and online revenue with flexible payment options.

Not all consumers have, or choose to utilize, credit cards. For many merchants, this can be a missed revenue opportunity. TheECheck flexible ACH and eCheck payment options offer a secure alternative to credit card payments.

Providing multiple payment alternatives at the point of checkout ensures that your online business can service all potential customers, regardless of their preferred payment option.

Expand Your Global Reach And Increase Sales Volume

TheECheck Provides:

Customer Service
— TheECheck gateway is accessible to all clients 24/7
— We provide assistance for all your customer inquiries
— TheECheck deals directly with your customers, providing support to them as needed
— Contact our staff via phone, email, live online chat support and Skype
Quick Application Process
— Our simple online application process allows you to sign up and start earning the money you deserve. Give your customers the payment options they need.
Hack-Safe Security Controls
— Sophisticated Security Controls on every Merchant Account
— Customer data is encrypted, and our gateway is PCI Compliant
Fraud Protection
— Limit your chargebacks and fraudulent transactions
— Advanced fraud minimization services
Processing Payouts Weekly
— eCheck processing is paid weekly, one week’s payment held in arrears
Risk Management and Compliance
— Scrubbing of customer data via our Internal Nationwide Scrubbing System
— Live verification calls to your eCheck customers and their banks prior to transaction approval – minimizing your risk of fraudulent customers, in addition to Returns/NSF/Disputes and Stop Payments from customers.

TheECheck takes upon ALL the liability for the merchant, as we deal directly with the banks. We hold and maintain the banking relationship; therefore, can provide you with a Merchant Account directly.

TheECheck welcomes ALL industries, high and low risk. Our Risk and Compliance Department will make the final decision; to approve or decline the Merchant Application.