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Payment Solutions by TheEcheck

Global Payment Processing Solutions

TheECheck currently supports merchants across all low-risk and general eCommerce industries, regardless of location or processing volume size.

High-Risk Merchant: Merchants associated with a higher risk of customer sales disputes, returns and chargebacks. All online businesses are considered high risk because the card is not present for verification at the time of the transaction.

Low-Risk Merchant: Generally associated with a low percentage of sales credits and low chargeback rates, low-risk merchants usually receive favorable consideration in the acceptance process, such as restaurants, dentists or nurseries.

Electronic Check (eCheck): Electronic check conversion is the process of converting a consumer check payment into an electronic payment, using the customers checking account number and routing number of their financial institution, where funds are electronically debited directly from the customer’s account.

Automated Clearing House (ACH): An electronic pathway for US financial transactions, where money is placed into the receiver’s account at the destination financial institution. ACH payments are simply electronic transfers from one account to another.

Credit Card: A plastic card with a credit limit used to purchase goods and services or obtain cash advances, for which a cardholder is subsequently billed for repayment, plus interest accrued, by the issuing institution for repayment.

Prepaid Debit Card: A credit card with a pre-deposited balance, such as a store gift card. These do not require a credit check, nor do the issuers report to credit bureaus.

Virtual Terminal (VT): A web-based application allowing merchants to accept online payments using an internet connection.

Application Program Interface (API): A set of commands, functions, routines, protocols, and tools that programmers can use to create software or interact with an external operating system or application.

Referral Agent Account: An account for those whose job it is to refer clients to a business or individual which can meet their needs.

White Label Account: A payment processor integrates their existing payment gateway with gateway. The White Label boards merchants who process transactions through the White Label’s gateway. The merchants do not know that is the payment processor. provides a set rate for the White Label and the White Label, then quotes rates to their merchants. does not communicate with the White Label’s merchants.

Real-Time Processing: The processing of a transaction the instant it is received by, or submitted into, digital system.

API Integration: Designed for eCommerce businesses, this allows merchants of all sizes to integrate their existing payment system directly with’s Payment Gateway, saving time and money with a quick and easy connection.