Corporate Prepaid Solutions

Streamline, Simplify and Enhance your current business processes Offers Solutions for Companies of All Sizes

Corporate Prepaid Solutions

Our Corporate solutions are designed to streamline, simplify and enhance your current business processes – whether you are looking for a fully integrated loyalty program, a creative consumer incentive strategy, a fully measurable distributor incentive program, or a world-class prepaid payment solution.

Agent/Channel Incentives: TheECheck Prepaid Incentive cards give employees, agents, distributors and channel partners fast, flexible, reliable and secure access to corporate benefits and rewards in one-time or recurring payments. Corporate Rewards are a proven way to increase sales, engagement and foster a culture of excellence within your company.

The Perfect Reward for Outstanding Performance:

— A safe, convenient way to distribute incentives, rewards and bonuses
— Build preferred relationships with employees, distributors and trade partners
— Develop a competitive edge – motivated staff work harder!
— Offer points that convert to cash to drive preferred behavior
— Instant rewards accumulation & redemption worldwide

— Recognize and motivate employee performance, sales activity, health and wellness, and more. Prepaid Incentive Cards can help you motivate employee behavior, improve satisfaction and increase loyalty and commitment.
— Tie corporate incentives in with Points to Cash Loyalty rewards for an unbeatable rewards combination.