Prepaid Disbursement Cards

Inexpensive alternative to paper checks Prepaid Disbursement

Prepaid Disbursement Cards

Prepaid cards are a fast, inexpensive alternative to recurring paper check disbursements. Cardholders can have their disbursements placed directly on the card with ease – then can withdraw or spend funds at millions of locations worldwide.

Card Benefits:
— No Bank Account required.
— No Credit Check. Multiple funds on one card
— Immediate availability of funds, plus check balances 24/7
— Quick, secure, convenient
— Make purchases online and at millions of locations worldwide

Admin Benefits:
— Perfect for underbanked or unbanked recipients
— No more waiting for checks
— Significant cost savings for check-replacement programs
— Streamline business processes
— Quick, secure, convenient
— Greater accountability

How it Works: Funds are easily loaded on a TheECheck prepaid disbursement card and allow recipients instant access to funds 24/7, online or by phone.
— Load funds to ABL
— Distribute funds to cards
— Spend at millions of locations worldwide