Prepaid Loyalty and Promotions

Simple and easy to use rewards program for everyone Prepaid Loyalty and Promotion Programs are Next-to-None

Prepaid Loyalty and Promotions

TheECheck provides you with an exciting rewards program that is simple and easy to use:

— Earn points from a wide variety of merchants
— Donate your points to charity
— Receive preferred membership services
— Access your account balance electronically
— Sign up for electronic partner and information updates
— Receive meaningful recognition for loyal patronage

Prepaid “Points to Cash” Loyalty

Offer the only loyalty program that earns points that convert to cash, directly on your prepaid card. TheECheck unique loyalty program delivers on-going loyalty rewards that earn points on your prepaid card – points that convert to cash.

The only Points to Cash loyalty and incentive program in the world.

Develop a system to motivate your distributors, customers, staff and sales agents with rewards that are meaningful to them. We can help you motivate, incent and thank your best customers and employees quickly and easily. What this means for you is quick and easy rewards issuance, with unlimited redemption. Simply issue points as an incentive reward or rebate. Once recipients reach a certain rewards plateau, they login to their e-wallet account, convert their points and spend them on their card.

How To Earn/Redeem Points

How to earn points: TheECheck multi-function card allows you to earn points with a wide coalition of national, regional and local retailers across North America and Europe, as well as our on-line network of over 1000 points issuing e-retailers.

How to redeem points: TheECheck features a unique “real-time” points-to-cash model for unparalleled flexibility and control. Our points earning and redemption platform recognizes your card number when swiped through the POS.

Depending on program specifications, a certain number of points are awarded to the card. Points can be converted to cash on the card to be redeemed at any ATM or POS terminal around the world.