Prepaid Payroll Cards

Reduce the costs associated with paper-based payroll Convenient Payroll Solutions

Prepaid Payroll Cards

Prepaid Payroll cards provide employers and their employees with a convenient, low-cost alternative to payroll checks.

They enable businesses to reduce costs traditionally associated with paper-based payroll processes while helping avoid check-related fraud losses and theft.

— Strengthen relationships
— Reduce costs associated with paper processes
— Empower employees with financial freedom
— Quick & Convenient
— Safe & Secure
— Cost Effective & Efficient

What it Does? Provides underserved consumers with immediate access to their pay, through direct deposit to their TheECheck Payroll card. Employees use their card to pay for purchases, pay bills, and obtain cash at ATMs all with network branded security protection. TheECheck can combine a host of card functions into one card program, add Prepaid Incentives to the card and give your company the ability to motivate your employees with points that convert to cash.

— Underserved/ Unbanked Employees
— Target underserved consumers, part-time and temporary employees.