Prepaid Rebate Cards

These acquisition and retention tools are at your service Prepaid Rebate Program

Prepaid Rebate Cards

Turn rebates into powerful acquisition and retention tools.

Using prepaid cards, we can transform typically slow, cumbersome paper check rebate program into a streamlined and impactful electronic retention solution.

Benefits: Reward, thank, and inspire your best employees and customers with the easy – and personalized – alternative to checks or vouchers for rebates and rewards. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of issuing branded cards for rebates and the advantages include:
— Reinforced branding and new ways to relate to customers
— Instant Issue rebates, Virtual Rebates and Rebate Plus Programs (adding value with subsequent purchases).

Rebate Statistics: A recent survey reveals:
— Consumers’ preference for higher value rebates versus instant discounts grew
— 80 percent of consumers look for rebates
— Because rebates are only offered for a specific period of time, they make 54 percent of shoppers feel like they caught an exclusive sale
— 57 percent of consumers feel that rebates are easy to redeem nowadays