Prepaid Virtual Cards

Take the hassle out of online transactions Prepaid Virtual Cards Add Security to Your Transactions

Prepaid Virtual Cards

Our Prepaid Virtual Visa Cards take the hassle out of online transactions. Offer the freedom to instantly spend when and where you want – in just a few clicks.

A Visa prepaid virtual card is designed specifically for use on the internet.

— It’s a Visa. Use wherever Visa is accepted online or by phone
— Virtual. Manage your account anywhere from a PC or “TheECheck” mobile device
— Secure. State-of-the-art technology platform to safeguard you and your money
— Prepaid. This means you can only spend what you load so can’t get into debt
— Fast. Instant funding allows you to spend right away

Features: How do they differ from normal prepaid cards?
— Online Purchases ONLY
— Balance limited to $2500.00
— Treated as card not-present transaction by merchant
— Quick Launch window – no need to print cards
— Brand your virtual cards to look like anything

Virtual cards function exactly the same way as physical cards; they can be used at all ONLINE merchants that accept Visa products.
Card numbers can be printed on Co-branded coupons, vouchers and MasterCard/ Visa card image. You can launch Virtual Card programs within 2-3 weeks of submission.