Prepaid Debit Services offers prepaid debit card services like no other company around Prepaid Debit Card Services

Our Services

Our end-to-end chain management covers every element of your prepaid card program from design to implementation.

Our services range from complete turnkey solutions, card design, card submission approval, client portal design and development to administration management, reporting and live customer service support.

— Online Management Software & built-in e-wallet
— Complete Call Centre Support & IVR
— Lost/ Stolen, balance inquiry live customer support
— Web development / hosting (transactional and informational)
— Carrier design, proof and manufacturing
— Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, Bank applications and approvals
— Processor setup & card personalization (embossing, encoding, etc.)

Execution: Our end-to-end prepaid processing solution includes everything from account set up and management, card production and personalization, inventory management and customized distribution solutions, transaction processing, fraud detection and prevention, funds settlement, call center and IVR/VRU customer service, dispute processing, detailed reporting, to Web hosting services.

Whether you need a prepaid card solution for business or consumer use, feature-rich, end-to-end, market-ready programs from TheECheck provide you with affordable, easy-to-implement prepaid card programs that can start producing results quickly.

Our Services Include but are not limited to:

Program Design: TheECheck provides program design services for all of our prepaid cards. Our in-house team of prepaid card program experts works closely with you to design, implement, and manage a program tailored to your needs. We take the time to understand your business requirements and allocate the most appropriate design resources. Furthermore, to ensure your program’s success, we review its progress on an ongoing basis.

Marketing: Our combination of Graphic Design and Marketing experts give us the ability to create customized marketing material to promote your prepaid program. Card art, posters and brochures are a few of the different types of promotional items that we specialize in.

Compliance: TheECheck has the experience and expertise necessary to create a successful, legal card program tailored to any customer’s needs all over the world. Our solutions adhere to strict standards to ensure their performance and reliability. As a Visa® and MasterCard® issuing partner we follow and adhere to the strict guidelines set out by all Networks.

Fulfillment and Supply Chain Management: TheECheck offers end-to-end card management services for all of our prepaid card programs, from the printing of cards to the management of the entire fulfillment process. Working with major suppliers, we can handle production, inventory, fulfillment, activation, and management of vendor relationships and retail operations, and distribution of prepaid cards to recipients.


We work to create an easy qualification process where everyone gets approved. Our application is short, simple, and gets straight to the point.