Merchant Benefits

Payment security, relationship management and product diversification Merchant Benefits and Other Services

With payment security, relationship management and product diversification as our core priorities, TheECheck’s premium High Risk and Low Risk Accounts deliver unrivaled payment services to merchants worldwide.

Our Feature
Your Benefit
48-Hour Setup Saves time, you start processing immediately
High-Risk Welcome A safe place to process your transactions
Advanced Security Reduce Chargebacks And Fraudulent Transactions
Tailored Accounts Customized Services That Suit Your Business
Payment Flexibility Multiple Payment Products and Options (eCheck, ACH, Credit Card and Prepaid Debit Card)
Customer Support Assist Your Customers’ Transaction Inquiries
Statistic Reporting Effective eCommerce Growth Management
Multiple Accounts Offshore, Onshore, Domestic and Global Accounts
Acceptance Both Low and High-Risk Merchants Accepted Worldwide
Of low and high risk merchants this acceptance is contingent on verification processes and governances/laws respective to geographical location. High-Risk Merchants are a specific classification of merchants with a higher risk of customer sales disputes, returns and chargebacks. Any online business is considered high risk because the credit card is not present for verification. Low-Risk Merchants are easier to place due to the lower risk of chargebacks and returns.