SSL Certifications

Certificates serve as a kind of digital passport while your online
theecheck-ssl-certification SSL Certification and Standards

With an SSL connection, the customer enters their personal bank information online, and the data is encrypted in the gateway and only shared with the payment processor. This is a requirement for all TheECheck merchants to maintain the secure payment method. To make an SSL connection, the SSL protocol requires that a server should have an SSL certificate installed.

Why Do I Need SSL?

— To Protect Your Customers and Their Sensitive Payment Information
— To Meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards

What is an SSL Certificate?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS): The standard protocols for encrypting communications between users and eCommerce sites, preventing unauthorized access any transmitted data.

SSL Certificate: An electronic file that identifies individuals and servers. This digital certificate is required to initiate an SSL session because it is used to authenticate the server prior to establishing the session. Indicated by an “https” in the address bar (instead of “http”) and a small gold padlock displayed by the browser, an SSL certificate guarantees a website 100% secure.

SSL certificates can be used on web servers for internet security and servers such as IMAP, POP3 and SMTP for email collection, transmission and storage security.

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP): Defines how electronic devices connect and transfer data via the internet. TCP is for communication between applications. IP is for communication between computers.

Internet Messaging Access Protocol (IMAP): Accesses email stored on a remote mail server from different devices at multiple locations.

Post Office Protocol (POP3): An application-layer Internet standard protocol used by local email clients to retrieve e-mail from a remote server over a TCP/IP connection.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP): Accesses email across IP networks, i.e. from a single device in a static location.

As a RapidSSL Partner, TheECheck can provide the most secure GeoTrust and VeriSign SSL certificates, including:

RapidSSL (Standard): The lowest cost, single-root SSL certificate available online, which uses an. Ideal for websites with minimal eCommerce or a secure login area.

Automatic Two-Step Validation
Online Support
“Secured by RapidSSL” Site Seal
128 / 256 Bit Encryption
99% Browser Recognition Rate

RapidSSL Wildcard: Secures multiple subdomains under a single domain name, allowing websites to conduct secure eCommerce with an encrypted SSL connection. Ideal for low-volume, low transaction-value websites.

TrueBusinessID: Use on an unlimited number of servers with free reissues, for business identity validation, universal browser support of more than 99% and fast issuance.

Extended Validation (EV): The highest industry standard for authentication. Same level of security as conventional SSL certificates, EV for SSL certificates requires more verification of the requestor by the Certificate Authority issuing the certificate. Indicated by an “https” in the address bar (instead of “http”), a closed padlock and green address bar with the name of the organization and the Certificate Authority authenticated the information appears next to the web address.

FreeSSL (SSL trial): The only single-root test certificate, valid for 30 days. Ideal for testing your server, as well as, TheECheck’s support and issuance speed. With the same browser recognition rates as both RapidSSL and RapidSSL Wildcard, upgrading FreeSSL to either of these is quick and easy.

QuickSSL Professional: Ideal for websites handling a high volume of daily online transactions; however, does not need SSL compatibility for mobile and smartphone browsers.

256 Bit Encryption
Automated Domain Name Validation
“GeoTrust True” Site Seal
$10,000 Warranty
Over 99% Worldwide Browser Compatibility
Online Support

Quick SSL Premium: Our most popular and the largest low-cost SSL certificate brand solely focused on security for multiple domains, IP addresses and subdomains

Our Promise is committed to providing leading SSL and security services to its eCommerce merchants. We will work with your business to discover the most secure and affordable product available.