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Andrei Mignea

Andrei Mignea / Vice President of Marketing

An Ohio native with Romanian roots, Andrei Mignea, the Vice President of Marketing, currently calls Las Vegas his home. As a Director of Photography, his job has always been to bring something creative and magical to the table and at the same time ensure the footage looks great, is manageable, tells the story accurately and does not compromise the original vision in any way, and he takes it very seriously. As the Vice President of Marketing for, he oversees the company's brand and marketing endeavors. His main focus is to make the company accessible to the client, through social media, web and advertising. Using today's white hat principles of optimization, he aims to bring TheECheck to the forefront of the merchant processing world. With primary focuses on Customer Service and accountability, the company is poised to bring a new era to this normally faceless market which hasn't been done in the past, or at least not done well. With additional functionality already in production, a new website and a new attitude, Andrei is far from finished. His 15 years of experience in advertising and production will be applied to every facet, and utilized to bring into the spotlight. Andrei's experience makes him an essential part of this company. He ensures our needs are not just met, but constantly and consistently exceeded, so that he himself feels satisfied.