What Does Do Differently That Will Help Your Business?

For all of the businesses and companies that have an online website, there are many options available to choose for a Payment Processor, to accept your customers’ payments. Not to mention the thousands of Check 21 Payment Processors in the industry today, so what makes one different from the other? Well, stands out to be a unique payment processing solution that is very rare to find among the rest.Theecheck logo e-check processing

The Unique, One on One Verification Process utilizes an in-house, live Verifications Department. When a transaction/order is submitted to be processed, within seconds it is scrubbed by the internal nationwide scrubbing data system, that checks for negative bank account data. If the system does not detect any negative data on the bank account, it is passed into the “pending” status. From there, the Verifications Department calls the customer to confirm the validity of the order. Once all is verified, the customers bank is called to verify the name on the account matches, the account is open and valid, and the funds are currently available for the eCheck to successfully debit the customers account.

This verification process takes place in real time, approximately 1-2 minutes to complete, immediately after the transaction is submitted. You might wonder, why such a thorough process? These steps are taken to prevent the risk of a “Returned Check.”

Instead of pushing the transactions automatically through to the customers bank, TheEcheck’s Verification process reduces the chance of a NSF, Stop Payment, Not Authorized payment, etc. It also minimizes the chance of fraudulent activity on a customer’s checking account. This process not only will benefit your business by reducing the chance of a “Returned Check”, but it will also give reassurance to your customers, that they are safe and secure when making payments via eCheck.

Already have a payment processing solution for your website? No worries, contact today to lower your current costs and rates, experience the fantastic results they will provide, and to minimize your “Returned Check” ratio.

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