Mission Statement

Our dedication and commitment to what we do

Your Merchants Are Global, So Are We

At TheECheck, we build our business one merchant at a time, from a multimillion-dollar business to a sole proprietorship. We always put the customer first. We listen to our customers and respond quickly to their needs. In our business, it is important to proactively communicate with our customers and manage their expectations; knowledge is key. Providing results to our customers is our bottom line.

At TheECheck.com, our objective is to conduct our day-to-day operations with Integrity, Courage, and Accountability. We believe in a process of constant improvement to compete aggressively and be the best solution provider.

Teamwork is essential to us; we always give truthful feedback and set a realistic expectancy. TheECheck encourages an atmosphere of openness, direct communication and mutual support. TheECheck promotes confidence in our competence and our teammates’ competence. TheECheck takes pride in our work. We successfully innovate and challenge the status quo to achieve exceptional results together as part of a diverse, global team.

At TheECheck, it is important that we enjoy our work and make our workplace a great, fulfilling experience for ourselves and our associates. We create custom solutions for our merchants to help them accept payments from their customers quickly and efficiently. Each of our solutions is backed by our seasoned technical support team and a history of reliability with our payment processing.

Real Live People Behind Your Payments

Founded in 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio; TheECheck understands the credit card and payment industries as well as the unique needs and challenges associated with eCommerce.

With our Knowledge, it makes it safer and easier for our customers. TheECheck offers you a wide variety of payment options and our goal is to increase your revenue substantially.

Driven for Excellence

TheECheck’s drive for excellence is our Golden Rule. TheECheck is dedicated to our customers and partners. We influence our culture and define the character of our company. Our core values reflect every aspect of our services, policies and practices.