Fraud Protection

We manually review all flagged transactions as they occur through our gateway
theecheck-fraud-department-information Fraud Protection and Security

Limit Chargebacks and Fraudulent Transactions with TheECheck’s Premium Online Payment Security

Our goal is to provide unrivalled payment security to merchants in the eCommerce industry. Through a series of sophisticated fraud controls, TheECheck successfully minimizes fraudulent transactions and reduces chargebacks and unauthorized payments without compromising sensitive merchant or cardholder data.

With superior velocity controls, our system can monitor the number of times that an individual card is used in one week, credit card and IP suppression lists.

Internet Protocol (IP) Address: A numerical label assigned to each device in a computer network that is attached to the internet and uses the IP for communication, such as a computer, cellphone, printer, etc.

Suppression List: Used to filter out the bad audience of specific IP addresses that you want to block from browsing or purchasing from your website, such as those of known competitors, cancelled customers or with a history of spam complaints.

Customizable ticket value: gives our merchants the ability to customize their ticket value/transaction pricing on a case by case basis. This would be used more for recurring payments such as a monthly subscription and manual verification abilities. TheECheck’s team of transaction specialists work diligently to manually review all flagged transactions as they occur through our gateway. And more, TheECheck provides leading fraud protection to its merchants, ensuring the highest number of approved transactions in a secure, real time environment.

The term “real-time” means to incur immediately. For credit card processing, this means that the validity of a customer’s credit card, as well as their available credit limit can be checked immediately before processing is accepted.) (No delay in the processing of requests for information, other than the time necessary for the data to travel over the Internet) environment.

TheECheck OFAC compliance solutions help us implement a real-time OFAC compliance program by providing us with the right tools to screen customers based on your specific requirements and entered customer name. The only way your business can ensure you are not doing business with individuals or groups, such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers, who are the target of economic sanctions administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and other watch lists and countries is to frequently check customer names against the ever-changing watch lists.

TheECheck VERIFY provides real-time account verification and check verification for consumers or businesses, so we can be confident an account is valid prior to enrolling customers or processing check or ACH transactions. TheECheck VERIFY with Funds Confirmation enables us to confirm status and verify funds availability prior to submitting items for processing.

Knowing your customers isn’t just good business – it’s the law. Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance is critical to preventing fraud for retailers and other businesses. For processors, acquirers, issuers, or financial institutions, KYC compliance is vital to following proper underwriting guidelines.

TheECheck IDENTIFY, TheECheck OFAC, and our alternative data provide real-time validation of business entities, business owners and company officers. Our coverage not only locates the established and large corporations, but also gives us the ability to find newly formed and small to medium-sized businesses that our competitors are unable to identify. Because our solution is customizable, we are able to determine the level of reporting required to complete review of new merchant  accounts, meet know your customer and OFAC requirements, and facilitate routine audit checks to comply with updated regulations.

Instant, Real-Time Account Status and Account Authentication: Account status and authentication can be a first indicator of payment risk. TheECheck’s TheECheck VERIFY solution provides instant, comprehensive bank account verification services, with checking and savings information accessed directly from financial institutions. We access over 4 billion records, resulting in a pass or decline response, and we provide analytics into historical account behavior for deeper insight into likely future trends. We confirm the dates that new accounts were added, updated, or closed, enabling you to be confident an account is valid prior to approving transactions. Plus, we provide real-time assurance that a user is authorized to transact against an account with TheECheck AUTHENTICATE.

Reduce Fraud and Meet Compliance Requirements: Meet OFAC, KYC, and other requirements with real-time consumer identity confirmation.

Unparalleled Data Accuracy: Multiple data sources ensure accuracy and provide best-in-class coverage. Our proprietary fuzzy logic enhances overall coverage and eliminates issues caused by nicknames, abbreviations, and other data-entry errors.