How Ach Echeck Processing Works

The Step-by-Step Process of eCheck and ACH Processing Explained

The customer places an order on a merchant website, with authorization to withdraw the funds from the bank account via electronic check (eCheck) or ACH.

The information submitted is securely transferred to our Gateway and either accepted or rejected via our internal scrubbing system. [NCN(National Check Network), SCAN(Shared Check Authorization Network)] The bank account information is examined for Chexsystems, Internal DB’s Bad Check Writers, young accounts, suspended fraud, actual fraud, NSF history, and account closures.

If accepted, the information submitted is sent as an eCheck/ACH transaction to TheECheck’s bank.

The bank transmits the secure information to the ACH Network for agreement. The ACH Network utilizes the bank account information furnished with the transaction, to decide the bank that holds the purchasers account.

The ACH network notifies the purchaser’s bank to charge their account.

The funds are transferred from the purchasers bank account to the ACH Network. The purchasers bank also informs the ACH Network of any possible returns in the event of an NSF or chargeback.

The ACH Network dispatches the funds to TheEChecks Bank

TheEChecks bank advises us of any returns or chargebacks

After the holding interval, TheECheck begins an independent transaction to deposit the funds into the merchant’s bank account. partnership with shop where you can buy fullz and cvv for your credit cards merchant account.