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Our payment gateway offers the control and security you need and deserve
theecheck-payment-gateway Payment Gateway Information

TheECheck provides first-class payment gateway processing services for businesses, who hold their own merchant accounts worldwide, regardless of size, industry or processing volume. Unlike other payment gateway services, TheECheck bestows complimentary merchant services, ensuring maximum payment approval efficiency. With advanced fraud screening, multiple payment options and real-time reporting, TheECheck’s payment gateway enables top-notch security and control for even the largest of merchant businesses.

Payment Gateway: Software that authorizes electronic check (eCheck), automated clearing house (ACH) and credit card transactions over the internet. It encrypts sensitive data and submits transactions for processing, ensuring that all information is passed securely between the customer and the merchant and between merchant and the payment processor.

Our Payment Gateway features three different account types: Merchant, Referral Agent and White Label.

Merchant Account: A business bank account, maintained and held by the payment processor, that allows a business to accept and process online payments electronically.

Referral Agent Account: An account for those whose job it is to refer clients to a business or individual which can meet their needs.

White Label Account: A payment processor integrates their existing payment gateway with gateway. The White Label boards merchants who process transactions through the White Label’s gateway. The merchants do not know that is the payment processor. provides a set rate for the White Label and the White Label, then quotes rates to their merchants. does not communicate with the White Label’s merchants.

API Integration: Designed for eCommerce businesses, this allows merchants of all sizes to integrate their existing payment system directly with’s Payment Gateway, saving time and money with a quick and easy connection.

Payment Gateway Services:

– –  24/7 Customer Support
– –  Automated Recurring Billing Services
– –  Level 1 PCI DSS 3.2 Compliant [read more about PCI DSS]
– –  Secure Online ACH
– –  Advanced Security Screening and Fraud Prevention
– –  Weekly Reporting and Real-Time Transaction Statistics
– –  Virtual Terminal (VT) for Phone, Fax and Mail Order Payments partnership with shop where you can buy fullz and cvv for your credit cards merchant account.