With ACH payments, your company gains an essential edge in the competitive online market
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Automated Clearing House (ACH): An electronic network for financial transactions in the United States that results in money being placed into the recipient’s account at the destination financial institution. ACH Payments are electronic transfers from one account to another using ABA Routing Numbers, and are available to only US contractors with US-based bank accounts seeking alternative online payment options. Governed by the NACHA, the ACH network is used for billions of direct consumer, business and government payments annually, such as direct deposit and direct payment.

ABA Number (ABA Routing Number or Routing Transit Number): A number created in by the American Bankers Association that identifies the source financial institution of a payment.

Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI): A financial institution qualified to receive ACH transactions sent from ACH operators, which credits or debits the funds from their receivers’ accounts.

NACHA (formerly the National Automated Clearing House Association): A not-for-profit association that manages the ACH Network with a set of guidelines called the NACHA Operating Rules.

Increase Your Customer Base By Offering An Alternative To Credit Card Payments

Offering ACH (direct deposit) payments to your US customer base greatly increases your online sales revenue, as your company becomes accessible to millions of US citizens.

ACH payments are easy to make, secure and ensure the validity of all transferred funds. With three to ten day settlement and full transaction tracking, diversifying your payments with ACH will expand your online market and provide additional revenue for your eCommerce business.

ACH Payment Processing Benefits

Diversify Payment Options To Attract More Customers: As in payroll direct deposits/electronic payments to contractors and vendors.

Offer Payment Alternatives To Customers Without Credit Cards

Real-Time Payment Processing: The processing of transactions the instant each is received by, or entered into, a computer system.

Reduce Risks Associated With Physical Checks: Avoid potential risk caused by physical checks lost in the mail. ACH payments eliminate delivery time, significantly reducing the window of allowance for an account to have insufficient funds prior to arriving at its destination.

Protect Your Credit Rating: Make quicker, more secure debit and credit transactions, allowing for greater control and predictability of cash flow.