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Accept Credit Cards Online By TheEcheck

Generally, sole proprietors, small business merchants and the retail business owners look for an alternative way to accept credit cards online. All the business merchants or owners know how much it is crucial to have a credit card payment processing solution for their business. The one solution to accept credit cards online for your business is a merchant account. So if you are looking for the payment processing and merchant account solution for your business, Theecheck is for you. Contact us today at +1-855-403-3855.

Third-Party Payment Provider To Accept Credit Cards Online Without Merchant Account

The traditional cash payment method is replacing digital payment services. As per a report stated by CNBC, “the digital payments are expected to hit more than 726 billion by the end of 2020.” It is necessary to accept credit cards online if a business wants to rise in this highly competitive market. A third-party payment service provider is also known to be a payment aggregator or processing facilitator.

They assist the business merchants in accepting the debit card or accept credit cards online without setting up an individual merchant account. The payment aggregator will add your business as a sub-merchant under a single merchant account. There will be many more merchants just like yours operating under a single merchant account. This payment service aggregator will collect all your funds on behalf of your business. All under a single MID and processes it further to your business checking account. This can be an easy way for a small business to boost up from the ground quickly.

Here are some of the significant benefits associated with a third-party payment service provider:

  • Cost-Effective

Payment aggregator is best for if you are new to the online selling market or looking for a cost-effective payment processing solution. There will be a very affordable flat fee which helps a small business to estimate their overall budget easily.

  • Easy Application Process

Theecheck provides simple and easy to understand the merchant application process. A merchant needs to fill all the required information in the form. After that, submit the necessary documents to complete the KYC and verification procedure.

  • Quick Approval

The approval process is fast and straightforward. Your application will get quick approval within some time, just right after you provide the application form with all required documents.

  • No Long Term Contracts

A payment aggregator does not require a long term contract. So it becomes easier for a business who wants to start conducting e-commerce sales.

Benefits To Choose TheEcheck For Credit Card Processing Solution

We at Theecheck know how crucial it is for a business to accept credit cards online for your business. Our team of experts are dedicated entirely to provide you with a simple and efficient process to accept credit cards online to fulfil all the business transactions.
Some of the benefits we provide for our merchant account and online payment services are:

  • Easy to understand the online application
  • Affordable processing rates
  • Quick approval of merchant account application
  • Point of sale solutions
  • Virtual terminal solution with every merchant accounts
  • Accept USA CVV
  • Secured payment gateway under the guidelines of PCI compliance
  • Terminal equipment for retail stores or large scale businesses
  • Best in class customer tech support service


It is true that if you want to grow your business and increase the customer base, you need to start moving your business online. To receive the payments for your products and services, you need to begin to accept credit cards online. If you are new to online eCommerce business then there is a lot to learn! There is software available to you like that from FastSpring as well as many sites online where you can learn the tips and tricks to get you the most success in the eCommerce world. However, you might want to think about getting a solution from a payment aggregator as this might be best for you. But if you are an experienced one or want to expand your business online to gain a lot more business profits, then you should opt for a merchant account according to your business category.

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