Why Do You Need A Credit Card Merchant Account Solution? Get The Answer Here!

Card Merchant Account By TheEcheck

Just like maintaining the quality of product and services you offer to your business customers, maintaining the ease of payment is also necessary. A seamless payment processing solution is very crucial for a business. Nowadays, digital payment services are the quite popular and most preferred method of payment. The usage of cash and paper check based payments are reducing day by day. Credit card payments are one of the most preferred and easy to accept the payment method. That’s why it is advisable for a business merchant to have a card merchant account so that they can easily accept debit card or credit card transactions. We at TheEcheck are the best credit card merchant account provider. Contact us today at +1-855-403-3855.

What Are The Basic Features Of Credit Card Merchant Account?

With the help of a credit card merchant account, a business merchant can take benefit of several facilities as provided:

  • Ease Of Acceptability: Our credit card merchant account allows you to accept all types of cards quickly. This will enable you to save a lot of time in receiving payments from customers. This also helps your business to improve overall customer service experience.
  • Payment Gateway: Our credit card merchant account provides you with the benefit of a secured payment gateway. This payment gateway ensures that all the information provided into the terminal by business merchants and customers are safe and secure. Our payment gateway is under the regulations and guidelines of PCI Compliance.
  • Customer Tech Support: In this digital era, there can be a chance that a business merchant might get stuck in some bug or transaction failure. This can lead to a significant loss in business sales if not resolved within the right time. That’s why we at TheEcheck provide customer support service assistance with our merchant account solutions. This ensures that all your concerns get resolved at the right time so that you can always have a hassle-free payment processing experience.

What Are The Payment Processing Charges That A Business Merchant Should Know?

With a credit card merchant account, a business merchant needs to pay some processing fee as per the transactions. This fee varies from a low-risk payment processing merchant and a high-risk payment processing merchant. After submitting the merchant application form, the payment processor will analyze your business and classify it under the high-risk or low-risk category. Some of the charges that are associated with credit card processing are as follows:

  • Flat Rate Charges: These charges are taken by the card service provider.
  • Terminal Charges: The card merchant account consists of a virtual terminal. For a large scale retail business, some physical equipment to ease the payment process is necessary. These are the charges for the equipment required.
  • Gateway Charges: It is necessary to have a PCI compliant payment gateway. These charges are taken for these compliance fees.
  • Chargeback Charges: When a business merchant surpasses the threshold limit of the chargeback, a chargeback fee is generated. The business merchant should keep the chargeback ratio as low as possible.

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