Online ACH Payment Saves Money And Time!

Online ACH Payment By TheEcheck

To maximize business sales and attract more customers. You are required to keep up with the most profitable business structure. This involves the optimization of the payment method or payment services as well. Theecheck provides the best and affordable payment processing solutions like online ACH payment. Contact us today at +1-855-403-3855 for our best payment processing solution. We provide specially designed solutions for your business needs.

What Does Online ACH Payment Mean?

The ACH stands for the Automatic Clearing House. The online ach payment is based on the electric model of the payment system. It is an automatic electronic payments channel for the transfer of funds between two bank accounts. Credit cards payment has transformed the payment processing system. Also, the benefit of advanced safety measures while transacting online has promoted these merchant services. But the online Ach payment provides several more advantages for the business merchants. The ACH requires less time and considered under low risk payment processing. While comparing to the credit card payments, which consist of several rates per transaction. For regular payments in the case of b2b transactions or a subscription-based customer. It is advised to the benefit of an online ACH payment.

The ach transfers are used for the extensive operation of funds which are known to be as ACH debit or ACH credit. Currently, ACH is highly used to pay the loan repayments, mortgages, utility bill payments and even direct deposit of payrolls.

  • Online Ach payments utilize the advantage of electronic mode of transfer and provide you with the benefits of fast settlement and an effective method of payment.
  • It originates quickly for the merchants to control and perform business transactions.
  • This payment solution is confirmed to be the most efficient and protected process for business as well as the customers.

How Does Online ACH Payment Processing Saves Time?

Online Ach payments are determined to be one of the reliable and fastest modes compared to the other payment methods. When we initiate an online ach payment, that transaction is initiated with a provided unique routing number. After this, the funds are withdrawn from the client’s bank account and gets forwarded towards the merchant’s business bank account.

  • Generally, the ACH transaction processing takes around 2-3 operational business days to get reflected into the merchant’s bank account.
  • It is somewhat similar to the paper check method, but the processing speed is faster.
  • The whole process of ACH payment processing is fast, simple and convenient. That is tempting for numerous merchants.

How Does Online ACH Payment Save Money?

We already discussed how the process of online Ach payment saves time. Now we will discuss how ACH processing saves money. While using credit cards for payments, the merchant needs to spend some extra. This can be in terms of surplus charge that is applicable per transaction. These charges are to be paid to the credit card processor for the services associated with it. But in the case of online ach payment, there is a very nominal fixed transaction fee for the processing. It’s a one to one payment procedure between a customer and a business merchant bank account.

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