How to Set Up Echeck Processing for Your Business

Electronic check processing is the perfect payment method for the online merchant or the traditional store merchant. No longer is the merchant required to only accept a paper check, taking it to the merchant’s bank and waiting 3 or more days for it to be processed.

With an echeck, the merchant accepts the customer’s checking account information electronically, provides the customer a receipt and the check is processed within 24 hours. The merchant has an immediate, searchable electronic database of all checks received and processed.

Checks are still the most popular form of payment in the U.S. with more than 90% paying by check. specializes in electronic check processing, and can show a merchant how to set up echeck in as little as 3 business days. Full training is provided by the expert staff at as well as all computer programs needed.

After completing a quick application with basic information, a customer representative will contact the merchant within 24 hours. Training is easier than most believe and the merchant can normally have the merchant accepting electronic check processing within 72 hours or less. Assistance is available throughout the training process, ensuring the merchant’s employees know how to work the system thoroughly and efficiently.

Currently, 27% of the households in the US do not have credit cards. Of those people who do not shop online, 22% cite not having a credit or debit card as a reason. 70% of the population does not use debit cards. Echeck provides a solution to those potential customers, widely expanding the merchant’s customer base. Checking account information is entered online in the merchant’s shopping cart and payment is made through highly secure, encrypted transmission.

For more expensive purchases or purchases involving a periodic charge, echeck provides easy set up for recurring payments. Customers will no long need to set themselves reminders for periodic payments and mail a check to the merchant. Echeck automatically withdraws the money from their checking account on the agreed recurring basis.
Started in the late 1990’s, the use of echecks continues to grow by roughly 15% annually.

Take advantage of an increased growth and provide customers a service they will desire and use. Completing the online application at or calling customer service at (855)403-3855 to learn how to set up echeck for your business today. partnership with shop where you can buy fullz and cvv for your credit cards merchant account.