Customer Satisfaction | 5 Things You Need to Know About

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

At, customer satisfaction is our top priority – we put the customer first and work to provide excellent results for each and every one of our merchants worldwide. We use leading technology and cutting-edge processing in order to ensure our customers fast, reliable, and secure service.  We aim to set the industry standard in reliability, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

How do we achieve this?

Here are 5 ways the team at works to meet the needs of customers worldwide:

  1. We accept merchants all across the world

At, we pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of payment processing solutions. These solutions include eCheck, ACH, credit card and prepaid debit card processing, all from one provider. We process payments for both low and high risk merchants from a wide variety of global industries.  Our international banking relationships and sophisticated methods of fraud control ensure customer safety and satisfaction worldwide.

2. We are entirely based in the United States

Customer service is key and we pride ourselves in meeting the unique and varied needs of our customers. Our team is based entirely in the USA, allowing us to provide the fast, reliable service that our customers deserve.

3. We have an in-house Verification Department

Our dedicated Verification Department works in-house to ensure complete satisfaction and safety for all of our customers. Our talented verification team works diligently to ensure that our merchants and their customers feel entirely safe and secure using eChecks. Using a fast, thorough, and real-time verification process, our team can not only reduce the chance of fraudulent activity on a customer’s bank account, but also vastly reduce the chance of an NFS (Non- Sufficient Funds), Stop Payment, Not Authorized payment (and so on) that may result in a returned check.

4. We have extremely competitive rates

Using a unique algorithm that accounts for merchants’ industry, credit history, processing volume and location, we are able to offer our merchants a competitive rate that is unique to their industry and business.

5. We offer a variety of account types

At the, we offer a wide variety of account types for international and domestic payment processing. These accounts include Direct Merchant Accounts, White Label Accounts, Referral Agent Accounts, and more. All of our account types are available with or without 3D secure in order to provide an extra layer of merchant protection.

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