What Causes The Emerging Trend Of The Electronic Check Payment In The USA?

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Electronic Check Payment is the future of regular paper checks. It is one of the fastest and secured methods for transferring the funds from one place to another. Although it is the most popular payment method in the USA, however, it’s popularity and benefits are spreading across the world now. If you want to take the benefits of electronic check payment, you need an echeck merchant account. Theecheck.com is one of the best merchant account and payment processing service providers. Contact us today at +1-855-403-3855 to get the merchant service meant for your business needs.

What Are The Different Methods To Transfer Funds By Electronic Check Payment?

Accepting funds with the help of electronic check payment are effortless and straightforward. Even if you are operating your business across international countries, you can easily accept payments with the help of electronic check payment. Some of the different ways by which a merchant can accept echecks are:

  • Online eCheck Payment

This is the most preferred method by eCommerce merchants to accept payments. The customer visits the website and adds products into the cart. At the checkout page, select the echeck option, Fill the payment details and submit.

  • Payment in-person

A business merchant can take payments through the in-person method. The customer provides the bank account details, and the same needs to be filled in the virtual terminal. All the details get securely saved with the help of tokenization. The payment processor will proceed with the information to transfer the funds between the business merchant and the customer.

  • Pay By e-Mail

Merchants can send a payment request link through an email. The customer needs to fill the bank details on their own and then submit it back.

  • Pay By Telephone

This also the most preferred option to take funds through electronic check payment. Tele Merchants who sell their products and services over the telephone generally use this method. They make calls to the customer, discuss the product or service. When the deal is fixed, the merchant asks for the vital information to fill them through the MOTO service to proceed with the transaction successfully.

How Electronic Check Payment Helps Businesses?

Electronic Check Payment can be the most suitable payment method for a business. It offers low processing cost and excellent payment convenience. There are still some people who don’t use credit cards, or even if they have, they don’t like to pay using it because of charges associated with it. Electronic check payment methods can be the best solution for these customers. Echeck payments are transferred over the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network. It also provides several benefits to the business merchants like low processing cost while compared to credit card processing charges. The main advantage is that it allows for a complete hassle-free payment processing experience.
That’s why it is better to take advantage of the demanding services available in this 21st century.

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