High Risk Merchants-FDIC Insured Banking- What It Means to You

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High Risk Merchants-FDIC Insured Banking

When running a business, a business owner’s greatest concerns is protecting hard earned funds in times of economic trouble. Anything can happen, but how can you make sure that you are safeguarded in case of trouble? For many high risk merchants (high risk = merchants with a higher risk of customer sales disputes, high risk of returns, and higher risk of chargebacks than most merchants) security is thus a top concern.

What It Means to You

When banking, it is often a smart idea to partner with a bank insured under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The FDIC works with banks to insure deposits up to $250,000.00 backed by the U.S. government.  This  prevents the loss of funds in cases of bank failure, closure, or other such circumstances. This protection extends to payment processors as well, as many FDIC insured banks have specific risk mitigating procedures in place to lower the risks associated with high risk payment processing. FDIC deposit insurance can protect the earnings you and your company have worked hard for.  Guaranteeing safety of your funds and providing you peace of mind in case of economic uncertainty. However, for a high risk merchant, the threat of fraud and breaches of security are problems which require an additional layer of protection concerning day-to-day transactions as well.

TheECheck specializes in high risk merchant payment processing – so we are able to provide customized payment processing solutions to meet the unique and varied needs of all of our high (and low) risk customers. To prevent instances of chargebacks, fraud, and other unfavorable activity associated with high risk processing, TheECheck.com has sophisticated fraud controls and protocols in place to protect your business, including URL based fraud checking, transaction screenings, risk management, and much more to provide an additional layer of security and assurance to your business transactions, allowing you and your company to place focus on generating additional profit instead of protecting it.

TheECheck.com is here to protect you and your business, apply today for payment processing.

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