The Direct Payment Services That Are Changing The Future Of Payments

direct payment services By TheEcheck

Nowadays, every customer prefers the comfort and ease of access services in every industry. This also includes payment processing services. In respect of popular payment methods like a debit card and credit card processing, e-wallets, now most of the people prefer to pay using direct payment services at the comfort of their convenience. This includes services like ACH payments and e-wallets services. It helps them to set an auto-debit feature with the help of recurring billing facilities. TheEcheck is working with the team of industry experts to provide you with the best possible payment processing solution as per your business needs. Contact us today at +1-855-403-3855.

A History From Where All The Direct Payment Services Started

The direct payment services started from the roots in the era of the 1870s. At that time, EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) was initiated. This service attracted a lot of business merchants and customers to take advantage of the benefits provided by direct payment services to send and receive funds without any physical need to interact. In the 1960s, the plastic cards came into the industry to transfer funds with the help of direct payment services. Later on meanwhile in 1972, Automated Clearing House that is now termed to be as ACH is introduced. This technology helped the customers and businesses to transfer a large number of funds in batches of transactions. Now thanks to the advanced internet services, a customer can purchase any desired products or services at a click of a button. All the payments can be settled with the help of direct payment services like ACH, echecks ,e-wallets to settle the funds directly straight to the acquiring bank account.

How To Choose The Best Processor To Accept Direct Payment Services For Your Business?

There can be a lot of hassle when you are searching for an adequate digital payment processor who can support you with direct payment services. There are a lot of different payment processors available in the market. But you are the one who knows your needs, and you should opt for a processor that understands and provides you with the solution you need. By offering direct payment services to your customers, you can attract a lot of customers, and this may help you to achieve high business revenue.

If you are a small business merchant who wants a diversified payment processing solution to have a profitable deal. Then you should contact TheEcheck. We understand what a business requires as per their type of trade in the industry. That’s why we offer you with the best possible payment processing solution. Especially for e-commerce and small business merchants. We offer an easy merchant account application procedure. A merchant needs to fill the application form with all the required information completely. After that, you need to submit the request form along with all the required documents to complete account verification procedures.

Some of the features we provide with our merchant accounts services are:

  • Payment gateway solution under the regulations of PCI Compliance.
  • Low processing charges for the payments.
  • Faster settlement of funds within 2-3 business days.
  • 24*7 Customer tech support service so that you can always have a hassle-free payment processing experience.

If you are still stuck in something or need further assistance, You can reach us at [email protected]. partnership with shop where you can buy fullz and cvv for your credit cards merchant account.