ACH Processing a Benefit to Your Company


ACH Processing With Theecheck Is Lot Easier Now.

ACH Processing, or Automated Clearing House, is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. With ACH, money is electronically debited from one account and placed in another through ABA routing numbers. This process provides a simple, inexpensive alternative payment option for U.S. based companies with U.S. based bank accounts. ACH transfer is used by many government organizations and businesses every day to cover things such as direct payment, direct deposit, and more – and it can benefit your business as well.

How ACH payments can benefit your business:

  • Increase revenue substantially by offering customers an additional way to pay
  • Real time processing saves your business valuable time
  • Less risky (and costly!) than traditional checks
  • Expand your market to a wider variety of customers

With additional ways to pay, you can attract a wider array of customers. Not all customers have or are willing to use credit and/or debit cards, thus offering an additional way to pay will generate a larger customer base, and thus, additional revenue. ACH Processing is real-time, instantly received, entered, and processed by computer systems. This processing forgoes the risk of lost or forged traditional checks, as well as time costs of traditional check delivery. ACH allows for customers to submit recurring payments to a merchant without the merchant waiting for the delivery of a physical check. Additionally, ACH transfers are less costly to process than are traditional paper checks. Overall, ACH will help save your business time and money with the safe, secure ACH payment processing services offered by offers a wide array of customizable payment solutions that can benefit your company today, from ACH to eCheck, credit cards, debit, and more. The more payment options you offer your customers, the larger your customer base, and thus, your profits, will grow!

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